Sports awards and souvenirs

Since 1988, Star Lapel Pin has manufactured lapel pins and medals for the Olympics. We produce superior commemorative sports awards and souvenirs to celebrate sporting events with well-known brands from all over the world. We are open to partnerships or becoming a valued part of your supply chain, so feel free to contact us regarding such.

Marathon medals are often highly prized by runners, as they represent a significant achievement in their personal fitness goals.

Customizing a baseball pin can be a great way to personalize it and make it more meaningful to the individual or team wearing it.

PVC keychains are popular because they are lightweight, affordable, and can be customized with a wide range of designs.

FIFA sport lanyard supplier

The high-quality sport lanyards we made for FIFA is a practical accessory that uses the highest quality materials and technology.

The flexibility of PVC material also allows for more intricate and detailed designs compared to traditional metal medals.

Football keychains are a great way to show support for your favorite team or to add a unique touch to your personal collection.

Create Your Own Unique Fiesta Medal with Our Professional Manufacturing Services

Looking for a unique way to celebrate San Antonio’s rich cultural heritage during Fiesta? Look no further than our custom Fiesta medal!

Star Lapel Pin has created a high-quality spinning keychain for our customers to support Sunshine Coast Phoenix Basketball.

The hairband is an item that popular brands have introduced. It is recommended to use custom hair bands as promotion products.

Our racing number belt features an adjustable toggle switch that makes it easy to replace the bib.

The tennis racket shock absorber is made of environmentally friendly PVC or silicone materials, ensuring that they pass safety tests in the United States and Europe.

The tennis racket shock absorber is made of environmentally friendly PVC or silicone materials.

Personalized wristbands

The size of the sports wristband can be customized to meet your needs and can easily fit both children and adults.

Pro players are constantly applying soccer patches to their jerseys for sponsors, charities, and social causes.

Our customized scout scarf woggles provide a unique style that sets them apart from others.

Not only are these scout neckerchief rings aesthetically pleasing, but they also serve their purpose effectively.

The quality of these custom scout patch is exceptional.

Our custom scout patch are made with the finest materials and exhibit superior durability, allowing them to withstand the test of time.

medal pins

All of our medal pins are available in a vast array of colors, shapes, sizes and each of our products is carefully crafted to a standard.

we produce millions of sports pins for various sports competitions.

We produce millions of sports pins for various sports competitions, including the Olympics, FIFA World Cup, NBA, WBC, and more.

We are dedicated to crafting textured and unique finisher medals for both brands and events.

High quality 12 type of free mold golf hat clip for low cost customer and fast delivery.

Customize walking stick badges with personal meaning to record your wonderful journey.

12 type of free mold golf divot tool for you, only you need to do is send logo design to us!

acrylic medals

The transparent acrylic of these medals is ideal for showcasing custom logos through silkscreen printing, offset printing, or laser engraving.

The baseball team trading pins go beyond mere accessories, offering a canvas for intricate designs that capture the essence of your team or event.

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How to Order Your Custom Products:

1. Send us with size/ shape/ quantity/ colors stated clearly.

2. Our in-house designer will make artwork based on your design for your approval.

3. Physical sample approval before production

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